Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Fast Metabolism Diet book review

I was provided a copy of this book for review.  The book was given to me, but the opinions are my own.

The Fast Metabolism Diet: Eat More Food and Lose More Weight

I have to admit that I was pretty skeptical upon receipt of the book (B&N  Amazon). (I do not get anything if you purchase from these links, but I thought I would provide them to make the book easier to find.)  How many books have we all read that promise magical solutions to weight loss?  But reading the intro, I realized that Haylie actually has the education and experience to back herself up.  Maybe I could at least try this.

The premise of the book is three phases each week for four weeks.  Phase I is two days, Phase II is two days, and Phase III is three days.  Each phase is doable because it is only for  few days, and the author explains the science behind each phase. 

I actually lost 5 pounds in the first week.  I was pleasantly surprised.  I didn't really feel like I was missing anything, other than sugar, and who needs more sugar? 

The second and third weeks I lost a pound each.  Not as dramatic as I hoped, but still progress.

Week four I just maintained.  So I did not lose 20 pounds in 28 days.  But I feel much better.  More energetic and clear-headed.  I would recommend the book for those whose metabolism seems resistant to weight loss.

The author also has a website with recipes and more information, found here.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Torani Syrup Review

From the Torani website:

"In 1925, Rinaldo and Ezilda Torre visited family in Lucca, Italy. The two returned home to their native San Francisco with something very important: handwritten recipes, which they used to create authentic flavored syrups.

"These syrups helped Rinaldo and Ezilda reintroduce the Italian soda to their North Beach neighborhood. And the sodas were a hit. Years later, Torani helped record another hit: our syrup was used to create the world’s first flavored latte!"

Torani was kind enough to provide me with two full-sized bottles to try.  I received Vanilla Bean and Peppermint.  These bottles do not need to be refrigerated, and can be used in coffee, sodas, cooking, and many other uses.  I made some homemade vanilla bean soda that was so yummy!

I also made a super tasty peppermint mocha, one of my fave coffee house drinks I could make at home!  Especially this time of year, it hit the spot. 

The website has so many more flavors that you wouldn't believe, like Caramel Apple Syrup and even Bacon Syrup!  I have yet to try more flavors, but you can bet I will be.  There are many choices for Sugar-Free syrup as well.

Thanks to Torani for introducing me to a new favorite product, and Happy Holidays!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

This is Halloween, Halloween, Halloween...

 We really like Halloween here at the Yarnhoardin household.  Translate as:  it is not quite October and my husband has built a full graveyard in our front yard.  This is the profile from the handmade mausoleum so you can see the fence line.  There is also a fog machine and some lights at night, but I haven't gotten photos of that yet.
 This is Bob.  He hangs out in his handmade coffin until you step on a pad, then he jumps upright and says some creepy stuff.
 And Fuzzy guards the mausoleum, which doubles as the Zombie Feeding Area.
 Here's a close-up of the mausoleum.  My husband is very crafty at building.
 Say hello to Jack, who rides shotgun in my husband's truck.  He is a pretty laidback guy.
 Here's a full view of the graveyard from the front.  Too bad I wasn't able to take a picture of the huge black cat that checked out the graveyard just before dawn one morning.  He was real and he did not belong to us, but he seemed to be attracted to the yard.
 Did I mention Jack?
 This guy tried to escape the zombies in the mausoleum, but you can see he didn't quite make it.
 And the buzzard is cleaning up after the zombies on this one.
 Did I mention the zombies?  This girl apparently used to be in the WNBA, because although her body is not complete yet, she stands about 7 - 8 feet tall.
 Here is the kid-friendly section in what is left of my garden.
Maybe all that was a bit too spooky.  So I leave you with this view of Rocky, asleep atop the kitchen cupboards.  Must be nice to be a cat.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Destash: yarn and books!

Well, my poor closet is overflowing and of course that means it is time to destash.  I'm selling the following new, unused yarns and new, flipped through once books, taking Paypal, US shipping included, international shipping negotiable.  Leave me a comment with a way to contact you (Ravelry name or email addy) and I will get back to you ASAP.

Knitpicks Comfy Worsted, yellow, 3 skeins at 109 yards each, $10 includes US shipping.
Bernat Matrix in Acid Axis, 1 skein/140 yds, $5 includes US shipping.

S. Charles Collezione Venus, 1 skein/81 yds, blue, $5 includes US shipping.

Not pictured:  Louet Euroflax Linen (Rav link) in pink/purple, 3 skeins of 270 yds each, retails for
$23.50/skein. I’ll sell for $20 each including U.S. shipping, or $50 for all 3 including U.S. shipping.

Berroco Comfort worsted (Rav link), 2 skeins of 210 yds each, purple, $10 includes U.S. shipping.

Unique Sheep Leili in Waves of Memory (Rav link), 2 skeins, 205 yds each, $26 includes US shipping.

Naturally Cotton Connection (Rav link) in natural/white, DK weight, 8 skeins = 944 yds, asking $40 including US shipping.

Now for the books:

I have the following books for sale.  Books are brand new, flipped through once, unless otherwise noted.  I take Paypal.  Prices include U.S. media mail shipping.  I will ship international for actual shipping.  Thanks for looking!

Crochet Blocks in a Box, never opened, asking $15 including U.S. media mail shipping.

The Yarn Girls' Guide to Kid Knits, asking $15 including U.S. media mail shipping.

Crochet That Fits, like new, asking $15 including U.S. media mail shipping.

Make Your Own Toys by Sue Havens.  This is a sewing book but includes patterns for lots of cute little critters to make.  Very cute book.  $10


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A New Obsession, or How Behind I Am on Social Networking

Wow, I keep hearing about Pinterest and never checked it out.  I finally peeked at it last night and now I am obsessed.  Like I needed any other ideas for things I want to make, buy, cook, grow, read, etc.  But I joined anyway. lol

I finally buckled under and joined Twitter.  I had a bad experience getting my Facebook page hacked a few years ago and have boycotted most social media since then.  But you know, it is fun...

Happy Valentine's Day!  Buy your sweetie some of these handmade glycerin and shea butter heart soaps.

Monday, December 26, 2011

A Belated Merry Christmas

So I know Christmas was yesterday, but we were off at family celebrations on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  I hope everyone who celebrates had a wonderful Christmas, and for those who don't celebrate, I hope you had a fabulous day.  Here are a few highlights of the yarnhoardinmama family Christmas.

What, no bickering between sisters?

A fun game for everyone.

Lucy got a new bed, complete with a bone toy and a fleece blanket.

A new outfit for her doll.
Let me defend my mom from that evil camera strap!
 It was not all about the gifts, but of course that is what we took the most pictures of.  We enjoyed times with both of our extended families as well. 

In other news, I'm working on knitting up a new toe-up sock design of my own.  The pattern is just going through the tweaking stage as I re-knit to make sure it came out clearly.  More news coming soon!

The free shipping sale is over at my Etsy shop, but there is still so much great handcrafted stuff for sale, that  I think you should still check it out.  And that concludes my shameless self-promotion.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

We all know it is that time of year, whether you celebrate Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanzaa, or none of the above.  My family and I went to the West Michigan Whitecaps' home, Fifth-Third Ballpark, to see the Nite Lites Christmas light display.  It was really cool.  We drove our Blazer through over a mile of Christmas lights displays, many of them animated, and we got to go through it twice for one price.  The kids adored it and my husband and I enjoyed it too.  These pictures don't do them justice.

 Another pair of socks off the needles today, this one being Repeat Performance by Michelle Hunter.  Love these toe up socks!  Pattern is easy enough to follow but not boring.  These are in Shelridge Farm Soft Touch Ultra.  Very nice.

Just a reminder, it is not too late to take advantage of the free shipping in my Etsy shop, good through December 24.  You can still order in time for Christmas if you live in the U.S. ( I don't think many international orders would have time to arrive before Christmas.)  Enter code SHIPONME11 at checkout to take advantage of this offer.  

What is a large pot of avocado trees good for?