Sunday, September 30, 2012

This is Halloween, Halloween, Halloween...

 We really like Halloween here at the Yarnhoardin household.  Translate as:  it is not quite October and my husband has built a full graveyard in our front yard.  This is the profile from the handmade mausoleum so you can see the fence line.  There is also a fog machine and some lights at night, but I haven't gotten photos of that yet.
 This is Bob.  He hangs out in his handmade coffin until you step on a pad, then he jumps upright and says some creepy stuff.
 And Fuzzy guards the mausoleum, which doubles as the Zombie Feeding Area.
 Here's a close-up of the mausoleum.  My husband is very crafty at building.
 Say hello to Jack, who rides shotgun in my husband's truck.  He is a pretty laidback guy.
 Here's a full view of the graveyard from the front.  Too bad I wasn't able to take a picture of the huge black cat that checked out the graveyard just before dawn one morning.  He was real and he did not belong to us, but he seemed to be attracted to the yard.
 Did I mention Jack?
 This guy tried to escape the zombies in the mausoleum, but you can see he didn't quite make it.
 And the buzzard is cleaning up after the zombies on this one.
 Did I mention the zombies?  This girl apparently used to be in the WNBA, because although her body is not complete yet, she stands about 7 - 8 feet tall.
 Here is the kid-friendly section in what is left of my garden.
Maybe all that was a bit too spooky.  So I leave you with this view of Rocky, asleep atop the kitchen cupboards.  Must be nice to be a cat.