Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Adventures in Camping

On the weekend of July 4, we went "up north" (a Michigan phrase) camping. We travelled to Mears, Michigan, to camp near Silver Lake. It is a given that we took the dune buggy; to DH, that is the whole point of the trip.

Here is Maddie hanging out at the campsite.

This strangely reminds me of the See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil monkeys. Maddie, Emily, and Maya in a giant Adirondack chair at Mac Woods dune rides.

Here are Dave's buggy and Bill's buggies the bottom of Test Hill at the Silver Lake Sand Dunes.

Here is the top of test hill. If your vehicle can make test hill, you can ride the dunes.

See how small Emily looks running down the dune?

This is at the beach with the lighthouse. We fell into a timewarp here; apparently our Nextels were receiving off Wisconsin towers across Lake Michigan, because the clocks on the phones were suddenly reading an hour earlier. Maya and Emily were trying to get away with splashing in this puddle.
Oh, and let's not forget: I leave you with an actual picture of me smiling. I have been told it is a rare occurence lately. What can I say, I was smashing other people in bumper cars with Maddie by my side, it was fun!