Saturday, December 6, 2008

I won! I won!

Ok, so now I'm this famous blogger being linked from the Mason Dixon Knitting site...(check out the December 2, 2008 post, I'm a wiener! LOL) No, but really, I entered the blog contest to get a yarn kit for the Emma Peel dress, and I won! I'm so awestruck... My daughter keeps asking me when I'm going to make the dress for her. I have to wait for the yarn.

I also just finished a test knit for Michelle Miller. It's called the Hollywood and Vine and the pattern will be out soon. It's an easy but not boring knit, in the round from the bottom up. Very comfortable, feels like wearing your favorite t-shirt but looks nicer (you know what I'm talking about, our favorite t-shirts are usually pretty ragged and worn). Here's a very rare picture of an elusive knitter (me, lol) that is actually being posted online.

Take a good look, folks, you won't catch many pics of me on here... Oh, and disregard the date stamp on the pic, we forgot to reset the camera.