Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Dances, birthdays, and paw prints

Seems we've been busy around here the last few days. Last weekend, two of the girls had a date with their dad to the Father-Daughter Dance. They love dressing up and going out, and Mommy gets to stay home with only one kid for a bit.

Today is my youngest's fourth birthday. We made a cake together, which she changed from a Barbie cake to a froggy cake just before pouring the batter in the pan. Ok, so the frog's leg broke off coming out of the pan and was stuck back on with frosting. So, we didn't have the mini Oreo's for the pupils, we used sprinkles. And oh, of course we had brought home chocolate frosting, so we had to quick mix up some vanilla frosting with green food coloring. He's not pretty, but she loves him, and requests to eat his eyeball after supper.

Here are a few pictures of the birthday girl with her favorite gifts. Notice the doll needed an outfit to match hers.

To top it off, our three year old next door neighbor gave her a Valentine today, a bit early. Check out this adorable box of chocolates, from a little boy to a little girl.

How cute is that? And finally, I'll leave with with a picture of what the coffee table is really meant for.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New design-- funnel neck cardigan

Well, I finally finished my newest design, and I'm ready to unveil it. After multiple revisions, the pattern is now available for sale. You can't beat it, a women's sweater pattern in 5 sizes for only $1.99! Soon to be available from Knitpicks, thus the fabulous price.