Sunday, September 20, 2009

My loveable, loopy Lucy

I haven't actually been silent for 2 months, I just decided to delete the whole negative drama of not getting the puppy from my neighbor as promised. We did, however, find a 6 month old Jack Russell pup a month ago, and she is a great fit for our family. It takes my kids to keep up with a Jack Russell and it takes a Jack Russell to keep up with my kids. lol We take multiple walks daily, lots of playing, and she is a little snuggly lap dog too. Here's my Lucy, doing her "Please pick me up!" look.

In the meantime, we have built a new deck, which is all railed in and gated so we can let Lucy sunbathe off leash, and we have a place to grill and relax. I have been busy designing knitting patterns and still taking classes for my bachelor's in accounting, so it has been a busy summer. The girls are glad to be back in school, although their little sister misses them when they are both gone all day. I have been working on a hoodie for little Lucy to wear as the weather cools. She has a very short coat and shivers if it gets to be 50 degrees F or below. lol

Oh, did I mention that we rescued a litter of four kittens, and their mama, who was left outside without food all summer to have her babies? Three kittens have found fabulous, perfect homes, and the last kitten and his mama are going to a great home together today. Gratuitous kitten pics:

This little girl went to a home with a very kind man and his son, where she will be the only pet and loved and spoiled.

This little man goes to a home with his mama today.

This little man went to a fabulous home where he is spoiled and has a "big sister" kitty.