Monday, February 18, 2008

felted slippers

Wow, I have actually knitted something for my hubby that he likes. If you only knew what a miracle that was. He said he would never wear hand-knitted socks (he's never tried them!), but said he MIGHT like slippers. Ha! He loves them! Thanks to Julia K. Kehew for her cable guy felted slippers pattern!


Terese said...

Hehe, it's always fun when they actually uses the things you've done! So congratulations on that! :D

I did a pair of sheepskin slippers for my boyfriend for Christmas (he always have cold feet), and they're falling apart by now. He's using them all the time!

Katt said...

great when they love what you make them isnt it? Adam wears my hand knitted socks so I am lucky (he has more pairs then I do!!)

They look great :D

E-J said...

That's very cool! Recently I crocheted a pair of fingerless mitts for husband ... at HIS request!! He has always been supportive of my endeavours, but to receive a "commission" from him for a handmade garment was something I'd never have expected - so I can understand and share in your joy :)

Riggwelter said...

They look great!