Thursday, November 17, 2011 and adorable kitty

I just wanted to let everyone know about a cool site that lists freebies from any kind of place you might like.  The site is and I have my free shipping offer for my Etsy shop listed on there.  I thought I would share the site so people could find deldel other giveaways that interest them. 

I leave you with a gratuitous cuteness pic.  Our newest kitty, Rocky, who showed up under our house one night in the freezing temperatures, and cried (LOUDLY!) until we rescued him at 2:30 am.  He was about 4 weeks old, and decided that my non-lactating Jack Russell (Lucy) is his mom and best playmate.

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Isobel said...

Aw....that's just gorgeous! You know just how to get my pulses working! Kitties and woofers are my favourite people (much better than us humans!) So glad you felt able to assist.

We had a similar situation in the 1980's when we lived in Alberta, Canada. One of our work colleagues had a bitch give birth to two pups under his shed in a yard he owned. Mum was feral and it was difficult to persuade her + pups to trust humans. Eventually we were able to do so, and one of the pups (interesting mixture of corgi, daschund and terrier ended up with us. Alas, after a coupl of years, doubtless due to her upbringing, she developed pernicious mange and had to be sent to doggy heaven - but she provided young daughters and us with many a happy hour of companionship.

Do hope your kitty does too!